Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Things I have learned today:

  • The beds in labor and delivery are superior to the beds in triage, but still far inferior to the beds in the antepartum department.

    The smell of the hallway in front of the NICU still makes my stomach churn. 

  • Not every room in the hospital is freezing. In fact, some of them are downright hot. 

Yes, I'm in the hospital. This weekend, my blood pressures were creeping up a little. Not alarmingly, but a little. This morning at my monitoring, my NST was great (fluid and baby both in great shape) but my BP was 140/90.
I saw my OB a few hours later, and it was 152/90. Pretty sure it was the fastest OB appointment in history. She basically came in and said I was misbehaving and had to go to the hospital.

She did let me go home to get my stuff, there was no threat of an ambulance ride like with Robbie. My urine dip was trace, so they weren't freaking out, but with my history, they're not taking any chances.

So I met my dad at home to trade vehicles so that he could get Robbie from school, I threw the few things that haven't been packed for 2 months (phone charger, etc) into a bag, and met David at the hospital. In L&D, my BPs were good, one as low as 132/70, and my labs were okay.

That won me the ability to eat and drink (I was NPO for several hours in case I had to be drug straight off to the O.R.) and got me transferred up to antepartum.

Antepartum is much more comfortable overall, but apparently I can't turn the heat off in here. The thermostat is down to 55, but it's about 80 instead. Pretty sure that's contributing to my higher blood pressures again as well.

My nurse is great and just came in to take it again -156/94 and I told her I think the heat is exacerbating the problem, so my door is open with a fan going and I have an ice pack and she's going to take it again in a little bit, but honestly, 156/94 is pretty crappy.

When my pressures were lower and my labs were okay earlier, I thought there was a better than average chance I was going home tomorrow, but now I'm not so sure.

Either way, 38 weeks is off the table. My OB is now looking at 36-37 weeks. Hopefully I can hold off 2 more weeks. I hope I don't have to be in the hospital for those 2 weeks.

We do have a plan in place for Robbie's care if it comes to that and I know that the baby needs these 2 weeks more than Robbie needs me at home, but this really sucks.

I otherwise feel fine. No epigastric pain, no vision troubles, no headache (started to get one earlier, but food fixed it), no swelling to speak of. I just miss my son and my husband (who went home to be with Robbie.)

What I know is the preeclampsia is an awful bitch and I'm sick of it. My first reaction to my BP this afternoon was anger. I stifled the urge to scream obscenities while in the OB's office, but my internal dialogue all the way home was pretty much "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck this. Fuck." That seemed to sum it up pretty clearly.

It's amazing how a matter of a few hours, I went from daydreaming about a 38 weeker, planning my breastfeeding class (supposed to be tomorrow, btw.), and worrying about juggling two kids to hoping my baby knows how to suck, swallow, AND breathe at the same time.

I know that I'm staring down the barrel of 35 weeks and that's a lot better than the 26 Robbie got. But That's still 5 weeks early and those 5 weeks matter. I'm sick of my body short-changing my babies. (Which I've really got to relive since I've had to give my obstetric history approximately 143 times today, including both miscarriages, the polyp, and apparently they even care that all 4 pregnancies were the result of A.R.T.)

I'm trying to focus on the positive and hope for the best. I haven't cried or thrown anything (yet) but this still sucks.



*S* said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Heather said...

But you are still doing so great! Much better than you thought it would be. Hang in there.

Jennifer said...

You and baby Chello are in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there Mama!

Bridie said...

Trish, hang in there! At 34 weeks your baby WILL be able to suck, swallow and breathe. Sam did it a week earlier, he just got pooped out when he got jaundice 2 days in and then he got lazy. Every day your baby is getting bigger and stronger. There is still hope for a take home baby, and even though I know "just" two weeks in the NICU certainly sucks - it's more of a "I'm-really-annoyed-to-be-here-when-my-baby-isn't-REALLY-sick-just-hurry-the-hell-up-and-take-your-bottle" type of sucks vs "is-my-baby-going-to-make-it-through-the-night" sorts of sucks.

Give pre-e the finger, but then channel that energy into a zen place to try to hold out just a little while longer. You made it to November!

Trish said...

Thanks, Bridie. I so hope you're right.

Of course, I worry more than average about feeding issues because of Robbie's history.

I think I might lose my mind if we go through that again.

I'm waiting for rounds to see what they say. I really don't think I'm going home soon, though. This morning's BP was 156/88 again.

Kara said...

Good luck! You are right where you need to be. Hope everything goes smoothly over the next few days/weeks.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine recently delivered at 35 weeks. Her baby boy was 6 lbs 5 oz, had no complications and went home when she did. They have had absolutely no problems breastfeeding and he is doing great! So while 35 weeks is not ideal, you could have a perfectly healthy little baby!

Amy said...

34 weeks is amazing considering where you were 8 weeks ago. You are an amazing woman. You've kept Chello safe and sound for 34 weeks...you should be proud of yourself.


Mrs. Spit said...

Sending love and prayers.

Mrs. Spit said...

Sending love and prayers.

Rachel said...

Thinking of you and hoping those numbers start to go down very soon. You are doing such an incredible job staying positive.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there momma! I've been lurking and reading your post since my m/c last year. Good luck..sending prayers your way!

Adriane said...

Man! I was bummed to read this. I hope Chello can hang on a bit longer, but you guys have come so far!!!! I am a big believer in keeping cool and comfortable for blood pressure's sake. When I was in antepartum (at the same hospital you're at) my room was freezing. Everyone wore jackets when they visited and it was July in STL! :-) hope Chello stays put for a bit longer. Sending my prayers to you both!

Hilary-from Stickybabies said...

Praying for the best for both you and baby. Hang in there!

Becks said...

Hey, chin up! That baby's still baking! I had preeclampsia too, and my son was born by emergency C-section at 36 weeks to the day. I think you're going to make it further than even I did, and my son went right home with us, no NICU time at all. 38 weeks might be the dream, but 35-37 is pretty darn good! You did it!

Jenna said...

Sending prayers your way! I will be thinking of you and checking in :-) So sweet of you to keep us informed! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.