Monday, November 14, 2011

Another quickie

It's been a long, long day. Mag sulfate is evil, let me just say that. Spent the morning feeling really, really, really bad. There was a point where the docs spent some time trying to decide if I was about to seize or just having a bad mag reaction. That's not fun. They settled on bad mag reaction. But they turned it off a little early for me (God bless them) and I started feeling significantly better almost immediately. We moved up to postpartum around 3 this afternoon. It's like Mecca up here.

I'm doing well. I still have the shakes from something (Demerol, maybe?) and of course, my tummy is sore. My feet look like tree trunks from the swelling that finally hit. But overall, I feel pretty good.

Charlotte is doing fantastically. He breathing and temp control have been perfect. We attempt to feed her every 3 hours, she's been successfully nursing about every other session. She lost down to 4lb 12 oz tonight. Our pediatrician was in this morning and warned me that she may want to supplement her a bit if she loses too much because she's so little to start with. The nurses told her I had a ton of colostrum already, so she said she'd keep that in mind, but not to be surprised if it happens.

I do think if we go that route, I'm going to go with an SNS instead of a bottle, though. Charlotte's latch is SO good, she really just needs to stay awake and gain some stamina. I hate for us to lose ground there by introducing an "easy" bottle too soon. Now the question becomes if I want to pump or use formula. I still haven't decided. I feel like I should pump, but 1) I hate pumping and 2) I want my boobs to learn to let down for a baby, not for a pump again.

I'm fine with formula, but I also don't want to confuse her about flavor and of course, the breast milk has the benefit of immunities, which she could definitely use. So I don't know. Please don't start milk wars in my comment feed, either. Anyone who is successfully nourishing their child is doing a good job. Period. Okay?

Our pediatrician did tell me she's going to want Charlotte in 8 weeks of quarantine. AFTER her due date. Meaning we're probably out of the social loop until mid-February. And even then, she's going to want us to keep a low profile until spring. She's doing remarkably well for a 35 weeker, but she is still a 35 weeker. She wasn't done cooking yet. It's going to be a long winter.

Robbie came to visit briefly today with a little more success. He actually looked at her with interest and said hi to her. But he still didn't want to get near her. It's okay. I know he'll adjust eventually. This has been a huge upheaval for him. I've been gone for a week and now he has to share me? My MIL says all he asks for all day is to go to the hospital and see mommy, but then he gets here and wants nothing to do with me. He's clearly angry with me. I can't blame him.

I've had a good cry or 12 about it, but I also know Charlotte needed this week even more than he did. It won't be the last time I'm forced to choose between them, but I sure can't say it's any fun. I don't want to let either of them down.

If you want more pictures, I'm going to be lazy and just point you to facebook. I made the album public, so you should be able to see it without having an account. Enjoy!


Claire said...

no boob wars here! you will make the right decision for your baby don't let the dr bully you into a decision whatever it the issue is boobs aside. my son lost almost a lb before he left but um he was 11lbs so kind of a different scenario. Sounds like she will catch up!

Just the Tip said...

Look at her gorgeous hair!

M was a 35 weeker as well, although they didn't give us 'lockdown' instructions, they did not even give me the option of solo BFing.

They immediately told me she would have to supplement with formula. Which I was OK with, but I wasn't OK with pumping, AGAIN, so we just went with formula only.

She had trouble drinking out of a bottle (for weeks--every.single.bottle.) so BFing probably would have been a lost cause anyway.

Glad they pulled the mag!

Adriane said...

God, I'm so sorry about the mag. UGH. Sounds absolutely terrible. Loved all the pics. She's perfect! And over 5lbs. Amazing, isn't it?

Whichever route you go for feeding - it will be the right one for you and Charlotte. :-)

Congrats again!!! I bet you're in heaven. I so miss that new baby smell.

A and W mom said...

Oh, didn't realize it was 8 weeks AFTER her due date. Sigh. I'll pray for your sanity. ;)
And I see you already answered my SNS question. (I should have known. :)) I can't blame you for not wanting to pump or at least for being torn. And you know, I started supplementing at about the 48-hr mark when Alex hadn't peed in the 12 hrs after his circ and we were seeing if we could avoid an ER visit with our 2-day-old, so I can't say anything. ;)
Love you!

mrsblondies said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I have been supplementing my daughter with formula at the breast since she was 3 months old and she's 7 months now. Maybe consider supplementing half formula, half pumped to start and see how that goes. Since you are going to supplement at the breast, she will still get the benefits of breast milk even if you have to use some formula.

Rachel said...

She is so gorgeous! Have you reminded your pediatrician that Robbie will be bringing every single daycare germ into your home no matter whether you stay home or not? It just seems that a little exposure is going to be fairly unavoidable here.

As for the SNS, I can't remember if you got to that point last time, but really consider asking the nurse to come help. I did it with both babies for the first month and I just never figured out a decent way to manage the SNS and baby at the breast alone (including trying to keep the SNS clenched in my teeth so I could hold it up while nursing, taping it to a lamp, etc. It was a bit rough). The SNS works by gravity and so someone needs to raise and lower it to get the right amount of milk out. We also did SNS finger feeds which were much, much easier (and also large eyedroppers. My first did not latch on for a good 3 weeks and we managed to avoid bottles, although she was a pound heavier than your little one).

Leah said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful.

Searching said...

She is perfect!!! Absolutely beautiful. :) Praying for your continued recovery and hope the feeding will start going smoothly soon. It's always a bit of a process, esp with the preemies. She, and you, will get it. :)

NoVaIrish said...

Glad that you are feeling better! You'll definitely know what the right answer for you and Charlotte (who I still think of as Chello, btw) but from my experience P had no issues switching between breast milk and formula so if you want to avoid the pump for a bit longer maybe you could use formula in the SNS?

And Michael wasn't into P at first either but now they are so in love with each other I get weepy just thinking about it. I think its hard for them to see this sleeping little blob in their Mom's arms but once she can react to him I bet he's going to be all over her like white on rice.

ggop said...

Do your best Trish. I've been there, done that. Had to teach baby to latch so I'm glad Charlotte knows!

You did great, Charlotte is perfect.

ggop said...

I had a very bad reaction to Mg too, they give you dose based on your weight and I couldn't tolerate the dose they gave me. Hope your liver and kidneys are fine and the blood work looks better.