Saturday, November 26, 2011

By the numbers

  • 14: days that Charlotte is old. Where does the time go?  
  • 1: the point drop in Charlotte's bilirubin this week. Not huge, but it's the right direction, so we'll take it. 
  • 3.5: ounces Charlotte gained this week, putting her back up over the 5 pound mark (5lb 0.5oz) and making her pediatrician happy.
  • 23: the number of pounds I'm down from my prepregnancy weight. I'm probably going to need some new pants or risk an embarrassing moment in public. 
  • 10: hours I had to delay taking my last dose of blood pressure medicine (normally taken every 8 hours) because my blood pressures were TOO LOW. Even then, I took a smaller dose in an attempt to keep from bottoming out.
    It's quite a difference to go from "I shouldn't stand up, I could have a stroke" to "I shouldn't stand up, I might get too lightheaded." The latter DEFINITELY being better. Certainly will be talking to the doctor about lowering my dose on Monday. 
  •  26: pounds that Robbie now weighs. I hadn't even realized it, but he has officially regained and surpassed all of the weight he lost during tube-weaning. And frankly- he feels and looks pretty heavy right now. 
  • 2: remaining days until David goes back to work and I'm officially on my own with both kids. NERVOUS. 
  •  95: the percentage by which I feel better than I did even on Monday. As my blood pressures have plummeted, so have my anxiety levels, the baby blues, and even my exhaustion (though I suspect the exhaustion will last a few more months. Totally worth it, but the newborn nights are rough!)
  • 1472: the number of times a day I stop and think about how amazing my kids are. 


Sunny said...

I'm late but let me say CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful baby girl!! I am so thrilled for you. Glad you are feeling better now.

A and W mom said...

:) I PPH this post. Every bit of it.

Heather said...

Congratulations from me too!!! Glad to hear everything is going so well!!!