Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boob update

I had my lumpy boob follow up appointment today.

Let me throw out there that getting a breast exam (a particularly thorough one) when you're pregnant and your boobs are quite tender is not really that much fun.

As she was torturing me, she said "Yes, there it is. Still there." Except that she wasn't pushing on the right spot. I informed her of such, and pointed to the area where she originally found the lump.

"Yes, there is one there as well."

Lucky me. Not only do have still have the one I did, but it has invited a friend.

She still says that they both feel like "just cysts." Considering the negative ultrasound & mammogram, I think she's likely correct. (I say, with my complete lack of expertise in this area.) She says it's hard to tell for sure, though because my breast tissue is very dense. (I took that as a compliment. If it were possible to strut on an exam table, I would have.) She also said it's probably complicated by my pregnancy hormones running rampant.

The plan is that I go back again in another month for another torture session. If they're still there, she's sending me to the surgeon to have another opinion. I assume that will include a biopsy.

Overall, I don't feel overly concerned. There is a little niggling part in my brain thinking that it would be just my luck to have a successful pregnancy and end up having breast cancer, but that's just my pessimism seeping out.

My grandmother had fibrocystic breasts so I'm sure I have that gene. Add 3 pregnancies, an estrogen supplement, progesterone supplements, and 7 rounds of Clomid, and I don't think it's unimaginable that my boobs would get cranky.

Oh, and on an interesting, possibly related note, someone posted this article on a message board today and it says that fibrocystic breasts are a symptom of low progesterone. Now, currently my progesterone is super high, but that's artificial. (Well, not all artificial. You know what I mean. Clomid, pregnancy, supplements.) Who really knows how these things are all related, but I found it interesting anyway.

So, for now, we just wait and see.

On the emotional front, I've been doing better. I don't know if the hysterics on Sunday helped or if it was the talk or what, but I've been a lot calmer since then. Still concerned, still praying, still scared, of course. But more reasonable levels of fear than before.

Thanks for all the support and not telling me I'm a lunatic. I still FEEL like I was a lunatic that day, but you know, I suppose David is correct. No one called the cops, so it's all good.

Thank God I married the most resilient man on Earth.



Amy said...

Thanks for the update. I'm glad you're doing well emotionally. :) And that David is so resilient. :) Love you!!

Fertilize Me said...

Trish - I am so glad that all in all yu are feeling much calmer. David sounds like a good guy to keep around!

Yodasmistress said...

Sounds like mostly good news. Hope it continues! :-)

Janna said...

Glad that things have settled a bit. Hoping that the cysts don't cause any further problems!!! What a rollercoaster!!! But I gotta be honest and tell you that after all that I would be a bit "emotional" as well!! ;o)

Meghan said...

Glad you guys are doing better.

As for the boobs, I've got cystic breasts too (I can not imagine an exam right about now), hoping they don't cause you any other problems

Malloryn said...

Glad to hear that things are going better, Trish! :)