Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meet Baby C

Here is our little alien. I can't quite figure out why the baby looks like she already has a pacifier in her mouth. I think that's actually her hands up there, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Dr. M (my OB) had told me to call at 8am to get the appointment for an u/s. Before I went to bed I set the phone up so all I had to do was hit redial & set the alarm for 8. At 8, the alarm went off and I was dialing before 8:01. I reached someone quickly, explained what happened over the weekend. She said she'd get it arranged and called me back.

She called me back 20 minutes later and told me to go to an imaging place at 11. I managed to sort of doze for the next hour & then got up and got showered & dressed. It was sleeting/snowing this morning. I actually took a spill yesterday on a wet spot on the hardwood floor (dog drool if you must know) so I was SUPER paranoid walking on the icy sidewalk.

Once I got there, I was the only person there. I filled out my paperwork & they took me back. The table was odd. There were no stirrups. It was set up more like a massage table with one of those wedge things in the middle. I was to sit my butt on the wedge. Yeah. My butt is large. That was fun. Anyway, she came in and asked me if I'd had a transvaginal u/s before. "Probably 100." She asked if I'd had an u/s before, I said yes. She asked where. I told her at the fertility clinic. She asked if I'd been on Clomid. "Yes, Clomid/IUI." She asked if I was sure there was only 1 in there. "Yes." She had me lie back and she got started. I couldn't see the screen at all.

Then she was silent. I laid there praying to myself. Her silence spoke volumes. I knew it was over. She'd been so chatty. To go silent could only mean doom. I started planning in my head who I needed to call. First David, then my boss because I wasn't going to work. Then my dad, then let everyone online know.

She turned the monitor towards me and I saw stillness. I nodded knowingly, sadly. Then an arm went across the screen. I caught my breath and she said "There's the baby moving!" I said "It's ALIVE?!" She said yes, then refocused to where I could see the heart beating. The image I saw was pretty much the one you see. I asked why there didn't seem to be much amniotic fluid (another of my paranoias because that was an issue during pregnancy #2) she said it was the angle, and switched out and showed me a rounder sac that looked normal to me.

Then it was over. I sat up. I asked how the baby measured (10w2d) and if she was able to get a heart rate (175.) I beamed. I told the tech she was my person of the year.

She got up and I set about trying to clean up the 10 gallons of KY that was everywhere.

I left and quite literally sang "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" as I walked out. The u/s tech and another women there laughed. I called David from the parking lot.

His moving response? "Uh-huh."

I said "You could at least sound happy." He said "I AM happy. I just assumed everything was fine." I don't know where he gets the optimism, but it amazes me. He made up for his lack of enthusiasm this morning when I got home.

I asked if he wanted to see his baby and he said sure. When he saw the u/s picture he looked visibly moved and said "Wow." in that breathy way that nearly made me swoon.

So all is well & happy in the Trish & David household. I've been positively giddy all day. I dare say it. I feel hopeful. But shhhhh. Say it quietly.



Carrie said...

I'm so pleased that everything is well.
I must say, I find men and their huge supply of optimism a huge mystery too. Why are they so sure things will work out?
Perhaps it is just as well. If no one had any faith it might be even worse?

wanttobeamom said...

Thank goodness! I am so relieved! I have been praying for you all weekend. Yeah! I'm so glad Baby C is alive, well, and waving. =)

Malloryn said...

I am so happy for you guys! Baby C is looking great. Yay!!

Kristen said...

Whew! I am so glad all is well! Baby C is adorable :) It's amazing how quickly they grow.

T-girl said...

I am so, so happy for the three of you!!!.... I am very emotional these days and your post made me cry... tears of joy and happiness!

Ariella said...

I am so very happy that Baby C is doing well!

Freyja said...

OMG I'm sorry I'm so late getting this update! Please forgive my absence! I swear I've worked for about the last 20 days straight (literally) and the no internet at home issue has made things tough. So forgive me! But I'm ELATED that your bean is doing well! WOOT! WOOT!!!