Friday, February 8, 2008

No news

Well, I really have no news.

I got there and they took me into the room and essentially asked me why I was there. They knew I needed a breast exam but also saw that there was a note that I was pregnant. Apparently the women who wrote the appointment down wrote "breast exam" down twice instead of breast exam & OB check.

Once we got that straightened out, I had to get naked & fill out some paperwork. (Yes, in that order.) Then the PA came in, and got started.

The highlights:

-boob is still lumpy. Waiting on the surgeon for now.
-my cervix looks good
-my uterus feels firmer than normal (which it should)
-yes I'm definitely pregnant (gee, ya think?)
-come back in 3 weeks
-No doppler, no blood work, the only pee involved was for the pregnancy test they wanted.
-I requested an NT scan which they don't normally do, but she agreed. They're supposed to call in the next week to set it up.

I won't lie. I was disappointed. She was very nice and understanding. She answered all of my questions, walked me through everything. She was very nice about my concerns, particularly concerning my history of miscarriage. But I still would have liked to have left with some reassurances that everything was indeed, okay.

I know I'm paranoid. I know everyone will say everything is fine. She gave me the whole "you're 10w, that's really great!" speech. I know that. But I've seen two baby's hearts beating on a screen only to later see nothing but stillness on the same screen. I need to be reassured. Constantly.

My next appointment is the 27th unless we have the NT scan sometime between now and then. I'll live. But man, this sucks.

In news that is actually news, I think the exhaustion has finally hit me. I've been more tired than normal for a few days now but today I feel like a zombie. I got home from the appointment and was just dead tired. I had to go to work and the thought of getting in the car and going seriously had me almost in tears. I ended up calling and taking a vacation day and going back to bed. I'm off tomorrow (for my daddy's b-day! Happy B-day Dad!) Anyway, so it makes for a long weekend. I took two 2 1/2 hour naps today. And I'm still tired. I'm calling this a symptom and clinging to the reassurance it provides.

That's fine little parasite. Suck all the energy you need.



Meghan said...

First, sorry the lumpy boob.

And doubly sorry that you didn't get the reassurance you needed from the doctor. How hard really would it have been for her to whip out the doppler??? I really think all medical professionals need yearly sensitivity training or something.

You're right about the tiredness. That little critter is using up all your energy. Nap and let people take care of you

oh...and happy birthday to your dad

Fertilize Me said...

I am sorry there is still a lumpy boob. I am also sorry that you did not get the reassurance you need from teh dr. I got super tired around 10ish and noticed it more around 13weeks) i was not super exhausted tired in my first trimester. I am still so tired. Happy Bday to your father! Thinking of you

A said...

i'm so glad that you're tired! that is DEFINITELY a sypmtom! i couldnt keep my eye open at all during the 1st trimester. of course, i was still on PIO shots from IVF, but even after that, i just wanted to sleep for days at a time.

as for the OB - is there any way that you can switch offices? it sounds like they are not doing even the minimum necessary to check for pregnancy. my OB does pee in a cup, vitals, weight, and then always gives me an u/s every month. plus, they were very diligent about the NT scan, early anatomy scan, the big u/s scan, etc. maybe its bc i work at a hospital?

i hope you can at least talk to your doctor and get the reassurance that you need. they clearly know your medical history (its in your chart!) so they should be more proactive about this stuff!

good luck! and congrats on getting to week 10! you are now officially carrying a fetus!

Cassie said...

Sorry the lump is still there. And for the Doc to not be alittle more excited (which it sounds like to me) sucks. The reasurance would have been nice. And I can't believe she didn't check the heartbeat. I agree with Meghan on the sensitivity shots. I will give them out. Take it easy and know I think and say a prayer for you and DH every day.

Freyja said...

"That's fine little parasite. Suck all the energy you need."

Indeed! LMAO.