Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It has been an extremely eventful day, but it's all good stuff.

The occupational therapist wanted to meet with me today at 11 to see how Robbie did with a bottle post-surgery.
It went great. He took the whole thing in about 10 minutes. And has done the same all day. That's 5 bottles in a row I've given him now with very minimal problems.

He doesn't seem to burp well now. They said some kids don't burp after a fundo so it's not surprising. Twice during one of the feeds, it FELT like he was going to burp really big but didn't, but dropped his heart rate instead. I think it hurt and he stimulated a nerve that can make that happen.

But he paced himself eating really well. Most people don't give much thought to the process of suck-swallow-breathe-suck-swallow-breathe, but it's something that preemies have to learn. So often we get suck-suck-suck-suck-suck- heart rate drops-mom takes the bottle away-pant pant pant pant pant. So my job feeding him is to pay attention and try to not let him get to the heart rate drop part.

It can be challenging because Robbie is a voracious eater. Ideally, you just tip the bottle back a little and when he's not getting milk, he'll breathe. But not Robbie. He'll just keep sucking on air and STILL not breathe. So you have to take the bottle away after about 3 sucks. Which pisses him off.

But we really didn't have that problem today. I think we finally got the right flow nipple for him- a Dr. Brown's Level 1. What a difference it has made!

The OT came by to check how he did at his 2pm feeding and declared him the champion eater of the day. He'd made her smile! Tomorrow he gets to try the boob again.

On top of that fabulousness, he's back in a big boy crib again! And so far, so good on the temp. And that crib is back in the step-down unit!

The only very small caveat to that is that we didn't go back to the room we came from. They told us they gave our room away, but when I stopped in to say hi to our old roomies, the spot was still open. So I don't know. Both roomies parents were sad that we didn't return- but they both visited our new room.

I got a big boost today because the other roomie's mom thanked me for a little pep talk I gave her the other day. I was a little afraid I'd come off a little pushy because I was telling her to stick up for herself and her son to the nurses and to ask as many questions as she could. I didn't want to seem like I was lecturing, but fortunately it seems like she took it the way it was intended. It's nice to feel helpful.

I really hope that once things are settled at home a little, I can volunteer with the group of preemie grads that does work for the NICU here.

Oh.. and twice today I was told I was glowing. Good thing I KNOW I'm not pregnant, I'd be freaking out. I think I'm just so relieved to have Robbie doing well that it shows on my face.

They've been talking about us going home soon, too. There was talk of maybe..... TEN DAYS.

Of course it all depends on Robbie. Right now his poor little scrotum is almost black from the bruising from the surgery and he's got some swelling under one of his laparascopy incisions, but it seems that's all to be expected. But I've learned not to count on anything.. just go day by day.

But I have had to start getting things ready. I bought our carseat yesterday and will get it installed and inspected this week.

I'm on a mad hunt for a crib since the one we ordered is apparently backordered until November 20th. (Don't get me started.) If anyone knows of a static side crib with an under bed storage drawer available in a darker oak stain, please let me know. Everything either has drop sides or no storage.

It's been frustrating.

Robbie's frustrated, too. He's finally back on full feeds tonight, but that was gradual after extubation and he has NOT appreciated it. He only slept maybe 2 hours between about 10:30am and 11:30pm. He spent most of the rest of the time somewhere between mildly annoyed and flat out screaming. Everyone wanted to give him more food, but given that we just operated on his stomach, overfilling him seemed like a bad choice. So mostly I just patted/rocked/sang/begged. Just like a REAL MOM, huh?

Anyway, all in all it was a decent day. I almost hate to type it out and his "post" because usually that's followed by some horrible day, but hopefully with the stress of the weekend, I can get a pass this time.



Jodi said...

Yay Robbie!

Trish, I'm so happy to hear he's doing so well. And TEN DAYS??? That's fantastic!

Fingers crossed!!


Jenn said...

I'm so glad to hear Robbie is doing so well. WOW, ten days??! That's wonderful! I'm sure you'll get a pass from the weekend and Robbie will be on the fast track to coming home. He's such a strong little boy! :-)

All About Amelia said...

congrats!! i am so glad to see robbie doing so well!! here is a stationary side crib with a drawer under it - there are a few other options at the site (jcpenney) as well! good luck!|62702|62709

chipz95 said...

Whew hew! Way to go Robbie!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! This is the coolest post ever! And I can understand wanting to brace yourself against the "just in case"s but wow. 10 days. That would be SO phenomenal. Praying Robbie will be really ready! And I'm proud of him for being such a good eater. The boy's got skillz.

jmartell said...

I have a huge smile on my face for you. :)


Anonymous said...

Poor kid is HUNGRY - that is so great to hear. I'm so happy that is doing well. If he is eating like that, he should start to gain some good weight!

Such wonderful news.


Osh said...


Kim said...

Yay for great feeds!

I hear you on the suck-swallow-breathe... we're still having a rough time over here.

And just in case you DO start to have trouble, there *IS* a Dr. Browns preemie nipple, it's just really hard to find.. but our BRU has them and that's what M uses now.

Tracy said...

Way to go, Robbie! 10 days! That's so exciting! I can't wait until you get him all to yourself.

Meg said...

This is great news!

The talking of bringing him home is amazing. Make sure to keep us posted.

Jody said...

What wonderful news all the way around! YAY!