Thursday, August 14, 2008


Extremely exhausted tonight but wanted to update. Sorry I didn't update earlier. Of all days for my job to add things to the firewall, it was today and it was blogger. So I couldn't update. Only 2 more days of work until leave, though. Thank goodness.

All his tests are normal. They did a complete septic work up and everything was good. They put him on pedialyte for today, will repeat the work up tomorrow. They also pulled all his meds and added an antibiotic for intestinal stuff just in case. If everything is okay tomorrow, he'll get straight breastmilk and then I guess we go from there.

Today went as expected. He even took pedialyte out of a bottle tonight. He took 25ml! He's only supposed to get 22, but they always add a little extra and he took it all. Probably because he's freakin' hungry.

Let me tell you, fortified water does not make a baby happy for long. He was extremely fussy tonight. He'd sleep for about a half hour after his feedings were done, then spend the next hour crying that super sad cry that makes your heart shatter in two. It also threatened to burst my boobs because I couldn't make myself leave him while he was crying, which meant no pumping, which lead to me nearly in tears around midnight because I was really hurting and he was upset.

The only thing that would calm him was his binky and if he sucked on his binky longer than about a minute, he'd drop his heart rate. I think he is so freakin' hungry that he was devouring the binky with so much abandon that he couldn't focus on breathing. I think he thought if he could just suck hard enough, SURELY some milk would come out of it. Poor little guy.

So, for now, we hope that tomorrow morning brings good news.

Oh- and Valerie- we've discussed the possibility of a milk sensitivity. I haven't been eating/drinking dairy for a few weeks now, but they've been having to dip into my frozen supply a bit when I was getting dairy, so it could be that.

But they also added calories to his milk on Saturday- putting it up to 27 calorie, which is extremely rich. I think it may have been that. He had those 2 diapers on Sunday night, and now this.

Our pediatrician did find two fissures. She's convinced that's what is bleeding. But apparently there was a pretty fair amount of blood this morning. Enough to make the nurse, NP & doctor think a work up was warranted. Our pediatrician thinks that she may have caused more bleeding when she looked for the fissures. She checked him at 7, the very bloody diaper was at 8.

I hope she's right. She called to check on him tonight around 8 or 9 and told the nurse to tell him she was sorry if she was responsible for all the people messing with his bum today.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I worked a half day, then spent about 11 hours at the hospital. And he cried for probably that last 4 of that.


P.S. Down 10 grams, but you know- he (and the moose) get a pass today.


Amy said...

:( Big hugs for you both. Poor little guy, and I know that must have been really hard on you. Praying the fissures will heal quickly and the bleeding will end! Glad there are at least some likely theories for the cause, hoping it will clear right up. And I love that he is able to drink a bottle; good for him! :)

Mrs. Spit said...

Right. Sacrafice a Canadian animal that has problems with its bottom end.



Got it.

Canada geese.

Can't talk anymore. Have to get Robbie a moose, a beaver and a Canadian Goose. . . .

Searching said...

Ah, poor kiddo! They always seem so hungry on the pedialyte, but it *is* best to go slow. 27cal is alot! Hopefully this is what is needed to get his gut and/or fissures healed and you can be done with the bleeding episodes. I know it must be terrifying. You and the cutie are in my prayers every day, even when I don't comment.

Valerie said...

Trish - it took about a month for us to see any difference in Tessa's stool after I cut out dairy. And if they're using your frozen stash, then it's possible that's affecting him too.

I'm praying for you all!