Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Quickie

Well, I don't know what happened, but I can suddenly get to my blog from work again. Who knows?

so a quickie update-

His WBC count was 13k. they said that's normal. Our Pedi said it's "high normal." When I pressed for what that means, she said that HER threshhold for normal is 13K, though a lot of people think it's more like 15k. or at least, I think that's what she said. Either way, it was just enough to keep me nervous.

At that point, the differential wasn't in yet. (the detailed analysis)
As of this afternoon, they said he had some eosinophils present. that's a type of WBC that can indicate infection or allergy. The doctor thinks it's a response to an imbalance of bacteria in his gut. He wants to feed him plain fresh breastmilk and see if that helps. The bacteria in fresh breastmilk should help rebalance things. If there weren't a supply of fresh BM, he'd get pedialyte again. Fortunately I'm able to keep up with his demand these days.

I took a few hours of appointment time from work and am headed to the hospital now. i'm officially 100% out of time off from work. This is unpaid time, which is fine. I have to get through 8 hours of work tomorrow, then I'm on leave. I've cursed myself about 32 times this week for not making last Friday my last day. Live and learn.

Keep praying. I'm scared to death, but they don't seem terribly upset, so I'm hoping I'm just being emotional and super-protective.



Mrs. Spit said...

Hey Trish,

Going to get Robbie some more geese. And a beaver. Burnt a moose already today, but I have a second on standby. (He's presently eating zucchini)

What about you taking some pro-biotics? You can take them in pill form, so that you don't have to take milk. .. )

Osh said...

The angel award is doing her job, but you have to pass her along!

AngelsAmid said...

I'm saying lots of prayers for Robbie. *hugs*

Two Hands said...

Praying without ceasing.

Heather said...

Glad you're off work now. Now you won't feel like your brain is somewhere else, as we all know you'd rather be with Robbie. Hoping he's doing better soon.

Milenka said...

*hugs* I hear you. To go through the elevated WBC and bloody stools and infection speak recently was hell. To then be told that the cultures came back normal was perplexing. To be told on Wednesday that my kid had another bloody stool...ugh. I keep telling myself that we'll make it through this, but I'm just as scared and freaked out as you are right now! I will be hoping very good things for Robbie, including that it passes very quickly!