Monday, August 18, 2008


You're getting a mid-afternoon report.

I brought the laptop to the hospital. Yay free wi-fi!

Robbie is having a good day.
The EOs were down to 10%, which is good.
I can eat cheese again.

Honestly, I expected more of a "poor little fat girl can't eat cheese" response from everyone. But really, everyone was more like "YOU CAN'T EAT CHEESE?! HOW DO YOU LIVE?!" Guess it's not just me.

Honestly, cheese and milk were easier to give up than I expected. But I've been craving a big baked potato and a tater w/o sour cream just isn't right.

In any case, I can eat cheese and they'll see what happens with his next CBC. Keep your fingers crossed.

They turned down his oxygen again. It's now at 1/16 liter. That's as low as it goes. So far, so good. He did desat once after they turned it down, but when I looked in, he didn't even have his prongs in his nose, so she didn't even chart it.

Dr. C came by and commented on what a good couple of weeks he'd had. Basically, that the poop issues are annoying, but really, he's done well overall. He asked me when Robbie's due date was in a way that lead me to believe he was alluding to him going home around then. That's 2 1/2 weeks away.

I have purposely not given much thought to when he gets to come home. I really have to focus on the here and now or I get overwhelmed and anxious. After Dr. C left the room, I got a little panicky about it. Home? Really? AM I READY FOR THIS?! Probably much like I'd be feeling if I were huge and miserably pregnant right now- ready for it to be over, but also nervous about the big change.

I just ordered Robbie's crib TODAY. And after it processed, it said it ships directly from the factory- expected in four weeks.

I guess we'll go buy the pack-and-play we'd hoped to get at a shower. The plan is really for him to sleep in the bassinette portion in our room for a while.

Anyway, I digress. This is what I mean. I think too far ahead and I get overwhelmed.

Focus on the now.

Now, we work on more nursing, more feeding, more weight gain. No more bloody stool. No more infection scares.

I'm putting in my order now.



Tracy said...

I'm so excited as you make plans for Robbie to come home. Keep up the good work, little guy!

Tracy said...
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Elizabeth said...

I am waiting for that day... when I come here and the thought of the day is HOME. This is like the preview to that day and it's so awesome to read!