Sunday, August 10, 2008


Quickie post because I can barely keep my eyes open.

+40 grams. We're not sure how incredibly accurate that is because he was so wiggly, but for now, he's up a bit.

They changed him from continuous feeds to q2- he gets fed every 2 hours. Basically, they're trying to see how his stomach and reflux issues respond to a full belly. He did spit a time or two.

The husband pretty much insisted that his mother hold the baby today. I didn't even bother to argue. It wouldn't have mattered that I was being logical about overstimulation, lots of changes in the last 2 days and whatnot. I'd have heard again how I'm just trying to keep his friends and family away from Robbie. Yes, that's me. A baby hoarder. Whatever.

He had to go up to 40% oxygen while she held him. He hasn't been on 40% oxygen in probably six fucking weeks. He was on 21% when we got there. He's in her arms and starts desatting. Nurse turns him up to 25%. No change. I decided to go pump because I was just getting nervous and we had a very good nurse I trusted.
I came back to the 40%. When I saw it, I flipped out. The nurse came to explain that she did it slowly but he needed it, etc etc. I wasn't flipped out that she did it unnecessarily. I flipped out that he needed it.

After my mother in law passed him to me, she turned him down to 30%. Then 25%. By th is evening, back to 21% with no problems.

But you know me. I'm just a baby hoarder. I just secretly hate all his friends and family and am plotting to keep Robbie from them. I couldn't possibly be in tune with my baby and maybe, just maybe, have a little more experience with babies than he does.

Anyway, enough bitching about the husband. Robbie is fine and that's what is important.

Oh, I also talked to our pediatrician today. She called just before I left the house. She'd been out to the hospital to see him. Apparently while she was there, his temperature was a little high so his heart rate was up a bit. The nurse had taken his hat off and such and when the doc called back to check on him, he was fine again.

I just enjoyed that she'd bothered to call back and check.

When I got to the hospital a couple of people mentioned what a good choice we'd made in pediatricians. Then every time it came up, the response was the same "ooooooh.. she's gooooooood." I stopped to chat with my NICU friend and told her that everyone had been responding that way. We were just generally talking about pediatricians when her nurse came over and asked who mine was. When I answered, she said "ooooooh.. she's goooooooood.." and NICU friend and I laughed. I definitely feel good about the choice I made.

Anyway, didn't get home until after 2. Robbie was just sleeping so sweetly in my arms that I couldn't bring myself to put him back to bed and leave. So now I sit here trying to hold my head up while I pump for the last time of the night.

Tomorrow I'll try to get some more pictures up!



Two Hands said...

A great pediatrician is a wonderful thing to have, I'm glad that you were in the right place at the right time to get her.
I'm sorry you're getting such flack for "baby hoarding" (right, whatever). I would growl at people wanting to hold him if I were you. I am just thrilled to see pictures of him, that's enough for me (although I'm not related to him). He is one of the sweetest babes I've ever seen and in your place, I would keep him to myself every minute of the day.

Osh said...

it's hard being a baby hoarder...

*goes and checks my stash in the closet*