Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Night

A helpful reading sent some information about that thing that's in the right corner. She tells me that any request mentioning it will get my account pulled and I'd lose any income. Apparently you can get away with a little stuff like thi.s. So if you see me thi.s, you'll know why.

I know lots of bloggers type things like or ultr.a.sound so that they're blogs aren't found so easily when searching for random terms, but I never bothered because I think it's funny that people are looking for po.rn and instead find my blog talking about spotting & transvaginal ultrasounds. But I guess I'll join the crowd.

In that vein- it's working. Apparently just count, counts more. And I think even more. So just reading every day is good.


I'd like to thank the lovely Mrs. Spit for sending me a care package. She's an amazingly talented knitter and sent a very cute hat and matching socks, but the funniest part of package was an actual Canadian Moose.


Lookie, Moosey has a band on his leg just like me!

Halp! Moosey try to eat me!

Yeah. I know. He's adorable and perfect.

Anyway, I guess my trip to visit the charge nurse last night paid off. We got moved to the new unit today. It's a brand new area. It was actually just opened when Robbie was 2 days old. Eventually all the rooms will be single family rooms but because it's being opened in phases, right now they have as many as 4 babies in each room. So it's a bit crowded, but still very nice.

This unit actually has a bathroom! And a waiting area! What will they think of next?

At one point, I was actually ALONE with Robbie. Well, okay, we had 3 other babies in the room with us, but I was the only adult. The nurse was just on the other side of a sliding glass door, but still. For just a moment, it was just Robbie and me. It was so peaceful. He's 9 weeks and 6 days old and it was our first moment that felt private. I didn't even realize how much I craved it until then.

We're in a room with some familiar people. Our old neighbor from the other side of the hospital. The one with the parents that are as pushy as me. And our neighbor from the previous room. Now if we could get Robbie's girlfriend in our room, it would be perfect.

The best part is that because one of those babies has a primary nurse whom I like, that means she's sort of our primary my default. We're on a team, so if she's his nurse, she's ours. And if we get a primary or two, it'll benefit them as well. Things are looking up.

Oh, and speaking of up- he did gain a whopping 6 grams tonight. Not a ton, but at least it was in the right direction. They added yet more fortifier to his milk today upping his calories again, so maybe he'll go up. They went down again on his air flow- 2 liters. They had put him back up to 3 liters for a bit tonight because he was desatting a bit, but she was going to turn him back down again after we were gone and he was settled.

I was able to get Robbie set up with the pediatrian. And I scheduled my DECIDA scan for my liver/gallbladder/whatever thingy. A week from Monday.

We're moving in the right direction.



Mrs. Spit said...

Hooray for Moose-y. I say we name him Pierre The Canadian Moose!

Thanks so much for posting pictures, it brought such a smile to my face!

Trish said...

He is officially named Pierre! (I have an uncle Perry. A bunch of people call him Pierre. He'll like that.)

And no problem. I've told everyone a the NICU about our little moose sacrificing jokes and my friend from Canada who sent him.

Cheryl said...

Trish, I know I haven't commented on your blog lately, but it's not because I don't care or I'm not thinking of you guys. I think about your family every day and read every entry to see how things are going. I feel I have nothing useful to say as I've never been through anything even remotely like what your family is dealing with, but please don't mistake my silence for not caring. I'm praying for your family every day and I love reading all the updates, especially the ones with pictures. :) I'm glad things are getting better with the hospital situation and Robbie is gaining weight again. Pleas let me know if you need anything. I'm happy to help with what I can.

Amy said...

And yes, Robbie really is perfect and adorable. :) I love seeing him get bigger, and seeing him wear clothes. I can't believe he's 10 weeks already! Wow.

And I love the Moose pics! (Esp the band on his legs!) Wow, what a lot of good news! Woohoo!

Oh my goodness I have almost as many exclamation points as the person we were amused by last night ... I hope we can still be friends. (But hey at least this content is actually worth getting excited about.)

Jess said...

YAY!!! I love the Moose!!! (and LOL Amy, I think my post looks much the same) Robbie is perfect and adorable and I'm very glad he's moving in the right direction again.

Keep us posted on your gallbladder/side pain whatever it is. I'll pray for the best.

mommy said...

*clapping* So glad to hear the good news. Congrats on the move and the one-on-one time with Robbie. He is absolutely perfect and adorable ^_^

Spork Fashion said...

Those pics are TOO CUTE

Stacie said...

He is getting nice and big! Yay! Very sweet pictures, Trish.

I am so glad you were moved to a more private room. I bet this will be the atmosphere that allows Robbie (and his mother) to just blossom!

Much love to you!