Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday & Pictures!

+40 grams.

He's up on his oxygen a bit. He was at 32% when I left. That, in and of itself, isn't too concerning.

The blood in his stool was more troublesome. I changed a diaper shortly before his bath that looked suspicious. I wasn't sure it was blood and neither was the nurse. She said she's watch closely but wasn't concerned.

We gave him a bath. After he was all fresh and clean and had a new diaper on, he pooped again. What else would a baby do? So I went ahead and changed his diaper again. This time I was pretty sure it really was some flecks of blood. I called the nurse over again. She went and got his day nurse (who I know and trust) and she wasn't too concerned. They both thought it was probably a fissure. I asked her to tell the NP anyway.

She was in the middle of helping another baby with a bath, so she said she would shortly. So we went ahead and went to dinner. I hated leaving, but I promised the husband a meal together.

When I called back an hour later to see what the NP said, she said the NP wasn't too concerned either but they'd "keep a close eye."

If you'll pardon the pun- I hate this shit. I'm going to call very shortly to see how his midnight diaper change/hands on is. And I'll be talking to our pediatrician and someone else about it tomorrow. I realize he's done this before and that he's pooping fine and not showing any other signs of trouble, but I am absolutely an err-on-the-side-of-caution kinda gal. So I'm worried.

No one else seems to think I should be worried, but I am.

They did add more fortifier to his milk yesterday. Maybe it's too rich. I don't know.

They started him on some reflux meds today. He gets some mylanta before each feeding and some Zantac. The mylanta is given to him in a nipple so that it can coat his esophagus. He loves the stuff. I let the nurse give it to him today in case he didn't swallow it well. I took photos. He did great. He did desaturate a bit, but it was because he was sucking so hard & eagerly, that he'd forget to breathe. My little glutton.

Please pray that his guts are okay. Cue the moose.

Speaking of pictures... for your viewing pleasure:

A mommy's eye view:

Freshly bathed & glowing:

Who needs a cannula in their nose? It's tasty!

Grandma holds me for the first time:

Hey! You're not my mommy!

Gettin' the shot ready:

Hey, this eating thing is pretty alright:

Daddy settles me after my bath:



Stacie said...

Oh, Trish! How sweet! He is really chunking up.

Good for you on being proactive about the stool. Hoping that it is nothing to be concerned about like they seem to think. It doesn't hurt to be SURE, though.

Shawn is on Zantac. I think it has helped a lot. I can't wait until you put his bottle pictures isn't going to be long!

Much love to you and yours,

Mrs. Spit said...

Ahh, no. We do moose for growth, for feeding issues, I have carefully consulted the great Canadian Almanac of sacrafice, and I have cast the cyote entrails, and I have consulted the dregs of the bucket you boil the maple syrup in, and viewed the holy Saskatoon bush, and the verdict is. . .

I need to go find a beaver. Canada's finest glutton! Capable of immense destruction, and looks mighty good as a fur hat!

Excuse me, going to find some beavers to stick in with the moose. I'm sure they'll fit in my bathtub!

Anonymous said...

Trish - he looks so great! Those cannula things never stayed in Talya's nose either. She actually still has an indent in her nose from one of them!

I love the pic looking down on him in your arms!!!!!!! So precious.


Milenka said...

Fingers are crossed that the blood means nothing. I know what you must be thinking and worrying about right now. *hugs*

Spork Fashion said...

Oh wow, he looks so alert! And he's wearing little clothes now!! Yay!

::::rushes off to find the knitting needles:::::

Two Hands said...

Hey! I want to get in on this care package thing! Can I send myself????
I agree with Mrs. Spit, beaver would be good, but keep the moose on the side just in case, they have been working pretty well thus far. For smaller problems, we also have caribou....
Thanks for the pics and I hope the stool thing resolves quickly.
Love to all.

Elsbeth said...

I can't believe how big he's getting!

Thinking good moose thoughts,

Amy said...

He is SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!