Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sorry no update for a few days. Life has been hectic.

Getting discharged from the hospital was a total nightmare. We had so many people in and out it was total chaos. We had the usual nurse and techs and doctors, plus 2 student nurses and their teacher. Then there was a patient coordinator in and out about a half dozen times, and supply company reps.

In the end, I learned to do the NG tube. It was easier and harder than I expected. The actual putting it in is easy. Making your baby SCREAM isn't. Just as I finished up, the patient coordinator (a social worker) came in and was a little too nice to me and I broke down and bawled. (Seriously. When someone is on the verge of tears, the WORST thing you can do is be nice.) She was super nice and listened to me for what must have been a half hour. I just poured it all out. She was very kind.

They had told us we should be discharged by 5, so I packed away my pump supplies. Of course, we didn't get out of there until almost 7. So my boobs hurt and I was frustrated. Then it was storming and I was out of gas. I got lost looking for a gas station and drove around.

Then about 5 minutes from home, Robbie pulled his NG out. You just KNEW it was going to happen.

Got home and got the supplies to put a new one in. Turns out they sent a different kind home than what I learned on. I learned on one with a stylette. This was just a floppy rubber tube.

After several panicked calls back and forth between the hospital and our supply company, the charge nurse finally gave me some tips and I attempted it. It was REALLY hard. Since the tube was so flimsy it was really hard to get to curve around. But I did it.

And then I cried. And considered throwing up.

Really, there's no way I could be a baby nurse. No way in hell.

Then all night that night, Robbie's apnea machine went off because his resting heart rate is so low now. I'm talking probably 20-25 times. Suffice it to say I was VERY tired in the morning.

Yesterday was good and bad. His eating was quite good (taking at least 55 at every feeding) but I had so much to do.

I won't even get into the phone games I had to play to get everything done, but we also had OT, a home nurse visit and the medical supply company came to adjust the monitor.

Robbie's is sitting at 10lb 1.5oz. That's not too bad considering he had dropped back down to 9lb 15oz last week and that he was only taking full feeds for a couple of days.

In big news, Robbie is getting TEETH. I can't believe it. I made a person who is going to have TEETH.

I really didn't know when to expect them. He's acted like he was teething for a while, but we never saw anything. Preemies tend to teeth later than full term babies, and of course even full term babies have such a wide range of when they start getting teeth.

But he has two white spots on top. One of them looks even clearer today than yesterday. They're coming through in the front so it probably will be a while before they're through, but he sure has all the symptoms. He's warm (haven't taken his temp, but he does feel warm) and drooly and OH SO cranky.

He really likes this vibrating teether than a friend brought a few weeks ago. But a momma has a few other things to do besides sit and hold a button down and rub gums. Robbie doesn't think that's the case, though.

We're managing okay for now, though. I'm getting used to the food pump and have retaped his tube a number of times to keep his fingers out of it. So far so good.

His eating is less good today, but still not as bad as it was. I have a feeling it's going to be a back and forth thing for a while. I just hope that it ends up good enough to not need a G tube.

Pray with me!



Georgy said...

I've developed a special affection for Robbie since he was born only a couple of days after Justin, close in gestational age and weight, and they seem to be following similar growth patterns. So yay for him taking close to 2 ozs per feed. Hopefully he'll be sleeping through the night in no time. You definitely deserve a break.

Elizabeth said...

Every day... You and Robbie are in my prayers.

I'm smiling just thinking about Robbie's imminent pearly whites. A bit of happy in a busy, busy life.

camille said...

So glad you are home but sorry about all that hoohah getting out of the hospital and then getting lost trying to get gas and of course him pulling out the tube...sigh...and wow about those teeth! it always seemed to me that the worst part of teething was when they were moving around in the gums and at that point you can't see anything. Once they pop through then you have an explanation for all that crankiness. Oh the joys of teething.
I hope he continues to eat better. Thinking of you all!!

Mrs. Spit said...

Good for you, concuering that tube! You should be proud.

So glad you are home.

Robyn said...

I haven't commented in awhile, but just wanted to say, that I am still reading everyday and still praying for Robbie!

Tom & Shannon said...

Just curious, could the teething have anything to do with the food aversions? I'm glad you guys are home.

Heather said...

Still praying for you! Sorry this is so rough. Amazing he's getting teeth! Very cool.

Valerie said...

Oh Trish - things are never easy, are they? You're doing a wonderful job though!

Amy said...

Man, always so much to deal with ... yay for the good news, hugs and prayers for the bad.