Monday, March 9, 2009

Looking back

You know.. I was just looking up an old post for a friend and was reading some old stuff.

I came across

this post

from when I was 16w pregnant. Looking back I wonder if that wasn't the beginning of my pre-e. My subsequent doctor's appointments were fine, but maybe that's when things started to go south. It was intermittent but there?

After that point I had some trouble with migraines. Maybe they were a result of high bp?

I hate to Monday morning quarterback, but I can't help but to wonder.

It makes me sick to think that it may have started as early as 16w. But it's entirely possible.

Effing Pre-E.


P.S. Robbie's doing well. His eating is a little better. Not "normal" of course, but better than it was before the surgery. And he's clearly loving being back home. He's been in a great mood for the last few days.


Two Hands said...

So glad to hear Robbie is doing well.

Yes. F*cking Pre-E.

I've decided that researching pre-E is going to be my lifelong quest. I've got a study in mind that, when I get to that point in my career, would like to carry out. And when I did my presentation on it for school, I mentioned sweet Robbie. It's a horrible, horrible thing and I can't wait until it's vanquished for good.

Aidan's mom said...

Yeah. I'll join the F*ck pre-e club. Hate it. Hate knowing how it was robbing my son. I would love to be able to do something real about it. To save future moms and babies from prematurity, pain, you name it.