Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last week while in the waiting room of Robbie's GI doctor, I started chatting with another mom.

Her daughter was around 13, I'd guess. A former preemie herself (2 months early, she said.) and now was suffering from stomach migraines or something like that. Basically her stomach hurt as bad as your head does during a migraine. Poor kid.

The mom asked, of course, how old Robbie was. And as usual, I gave me "well, he's 9 months but was 3 months early so he's really small" speech. (Which is when she told me her daughter had been a preemie as well.)

Anyway, I ended up giving her the extremely shortened version of why we were there "He was born with a hiatal hernia and it hurts to eat so they fixed it and put a feeding tube in." Short and sweet.

And then she surprised me. She started to cry.

I wasn't actually sure what was happening at first. Her daughter looked confused, too and asked why she was crying as she went to get her a tissue.

The mom said "Sometimes you just think your problems are bad and then you realize other people have it much worse." as she dabbed at her eyes.

This, of course, made ME cry, and the lovely daughter brought ME a tissue.

About that time they were called back for their appointment. The mom wished us God's blessings and stroked Robbie's head. (And I managed to fight the urge to wipe his head down with an antibacterial wipe.)

I bring this up because I'm having that moment right now.

I just complained about Robbie's slowed development.

Then I caught up on some blog reading and gained some perspective.

Please pray for Stellan. They could really use it and would appreciate it.

Stellan is having a hard time coming out of SVT and it's pretty scary.

I'm going to sneak in and kiss my beautiful miracle on the head. Then I'm going to count my blessings.



Valerie said...

That is such a sweet story. Reminds you that there are lots of really nice people in this world.

Tracy said...

And that made me cry!


Anthony's Mommy said...

I have found talking to other preemie parents the best therapy ever! They guide you on your journey but also sometimes it really makes you remember how good you do have it! And if they can get through it, so can you!