Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morning update

Well, he peed a little. Still not a lot, but enough that they didn't have to give him a catheter.

He's still NPO. They just drew his morning labs. (A BMP and a CBC) After the results of the labs come back, we'll go from there.

Right now, best case scenario is that we get moved out of the PICU onto the peds floor. That would be a great improvement for ME as it means bathrooms and a couch. (And closer access to the Icee machine.)

The good news of the day is that his pain level is much more manageable. He got morphine every 2 hours throughout the night but they did skip his last dose and he's doing okay. I believe they're going to try to switch to Tylenol 3 as needed.

The surgeon said that he removed some adhesions during the surgery (scar tissue from his first surgery) that may be causing a lot of this. While I appreciate the explanation, that infuriates me a bit.

I specifically asked the GI doc about that and she said he was "too young" for adhesions. She should be rounding on him this afternoon. I believe we're going to have words.

Anyway, thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers. We still need them but I will say that having him no longer writhing in pain is a VAST improvement. Now we just needs his gut to work.



Laura said...

Sending you big hugs Girl! My internet has been down the last two days so I'm just catching up but I wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you guys all day yesterday. We had our follow up GI appointment yesterday too and I will post about what our plan is soon. I am glad to hear that things are going better for Robbie this time, at least so far.
Work little Robbie guts WORK!

Mrs. Spit said...


ivory and jamie said...

I really admire what a lioness you are for R, you are so amazing and strong and stand up for him when needed. I know that this is rough, but you are doing a wonderful job! I hope things continue to improve!

Fertilized said...

i am late - but prayed and stll praying

Robyn said...

I am still praying!

Lord, give Trish strength during this time. Heal Robbie and keep him comfortable and not in pain. Allow the feeding tube to provide him with the proper nurishment that he needs to be strong and healthy. Give the doctors wisdom during course of his treatment and in the coming days and weeks.

Monica said...

Praying for you guys! Glad things are going well. Guts are the first to sleep and the last to wake up....hoping you get moved to the pedi floor!

Milenka said...

You guys are in my thoughts. *hug*

Heather said...

Still saying prayers for Robbie. Sorry this surgery has been tough and I hope he feels much better soon.

I'd be curious to hear you tell us about the "words" you'll have with that doctor. Amazing when our insticts are so right!

FattyPants said...

I have been thinking of you and Robbie all day. I'm so glad he is doing better pain wise. Please keep us updated!