Friday, August 3, 2007

Small update & discussion

I don't have much to report. Still haven't passed the sac, though the bleeding and cramping picked up a fair bit tonight.

I had to apply for short-term disability through work since I've been off more than a week. The woman from the insurance company called today to clarify some things. She was polite, but you could tell she thought a miscarriage was a stupid reason to be off work.
"So you don't have any physical restrictions?"


"Oh." (please read this with some curtness.) "Alright." (Add a sort of half sigh.)

If I'd been in a bitchier mood I'd probably have asked her if she'd ever had a miscarriage and then told her to fuck herself. In the end, it's probably best that she caught me off-guard. I'm not sure if she's a decision maker or not, but sometimes my mouth goes anyway.

I mostly came because I wanted to direct you to an interesting discussion.

Fertile Frank is the one that lead me to it. Thanks, Frank!

It's basically a childless-by-choice feminist blogger discussing her feelings about infertility treatments. She doesn't think she SHOULD feel so "bugged" by it, but she does. The post is maybe a little maddening (got me at first, I calmed down by the end of it.) but the real interest is in the comments. I posted a REALLY, REALLY long reply, but we'll see if it makes it up or not. If not, I'm prepared to repost it here.

I'd love to hear what you guys think. Either comment there or here. I love a good debate and a topic so close to my heart (just up from the uterus) really piqued my interest.

Hope you enjoy it, and that it doesn't piss any of you off too badly.



Marz said...

Well, I sorta read her blog. I decided not to read the comments but obviously these are views of someone who doesn't know what the heck she's talking about. If she doesn't want kids, that's her prerogative. Who the hell is she to tell others what they should & shouldn't do with their bodies? Grrr... people just make me mad!

The Bugala's said...

I'm trying to figure out what comment is it posted?

My thoughts after skimming the each their's your body, you choose what to do with it. It you want to smoke, you smoke, if you want to have your 'own' child, you do everything possible to make that dream come true. Just my 2 cents...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the lady's blog.

Look what your selfishness has gotten you: Two dead babies and now a baby who has had nothing but pain his whole life. Congrats to you. I hope you are happy that you have your baby now, who will continue to have pain, surgeries, problems, and to top it all off, he'll probably have mental issues as well.

Good job mum!

I publish this as anonymous because I do not wish to have my information on the internet for you or your infertile friends to badger me.

PS. You may not smoke or drink but being overweight doesn't help either.