Saturday, July 14, 2007

No news

Just a short note to say that I was correct and there will be no test results until Monday.
I asked the lady at Quest if there was anything she could do to get it done same-day. She told me no.
I called Good Nurse Crystal at 1:30 like she wanted anyway. She called me back about 3 and wasn't a happy camper. She had already called to see if she could track it down with no success.
I told her what the lady from Quest said and Crystal very obviously stopped herself from saying "BULLSHIT!" She said she was looking at bloodwork results from another patient that were drawn the same morning.
It's okay, though. After I had my melt down, I got to the "it really DOESN'T matter" stage in my mind. The only real answer they'd give me is if they are going down. Which, based on how incredibly freakin' bad my boobs hurt yesterday I seriously doubt. And up, even at a not-so-great rate doesn't really mean anything.
They could be going uppish, and that's probably bad. But maybe not. Or they could be going up-up-up and that would be nice, but again, they've already doubled, that's no more information than we have now.
The better information will come from an ultrasound. Which still isn't 100%. It's in God's hands.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

My mantra.



Inconceivable said...

I'm saying your mantra for the both of us!! Good luck for hte results on monday - sounds like hte boobs hurting thing is a plus!!

Diana said...

I am packing for vacation and haven't really checked blogs in 2 days but I keep anxiously checking yours. I so want you to get good news on Monday! So sorry you have to wait so long. No part of this can be easy can it?

The Bugala's said...

Hoping you get an u/s soon...waiting is the worse!

Amy said...

(((HUGS))) (but gently, out of respect for your sore boobs)
Still praying, dear one.