Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Everyone in the world is pregnant except for me.
No. I'm serious. You think you're not pregnant? Just you wait. You are. And you'll tell me in a day or two. Yep. Cause everyone is pregnant but me.

I'm sick and I'm whiney. I woke up for work yesterday and felt like shit. My first waking thought was "Ow. My throat. WTF?" My second thought was "Oh! THAT'S why my temp was high."

By last night it had progressed to hot flashes/cold chills, light-headedness, nausea and the most god-awful headache ever. Of course, since my period hasn't started yet, I'm still only taking Tylenol. Even a negative pregnancy test can't make me give up hope. *insert eye roll at myself here*

Still feel like shit today. The swirly sick feeling has mostly gone, but my throat still feels like sandpaper. And I'm just a little stuffy. I'm fairly certain it's the stuffy/sinusy stuff irritating my throat. This shit can end any time now. If I'm going to be sick, it damn well needs to be morning sickness.

That's all for me. You can all go back to your being pregnant without me now.



Inconceivable said...

ACK.. {hug}. I am sorry you aren't feeling well

Sunny said...

UGH! I have been there, the only one left. I am sure it will happen again soon. No worries here, not pregnant. :)


Aim said...

Also very much not pg (as AF will attest) but I'm sure it must feel that way. :( SUCK! And I'm so sorry you're not feeling well and hope you get better soon! ((HUGS))

Colleen said...

same vote...you are not alone.
love to you!

Marz said...

I'm sorry you're feeling sick. Sounds like you got same thing that's going around our house.
After all this I'm hoping you will get a good result.
BTW you didn't update today. Did AF show or stay away? I'm hoping stay away.
Me neither, not pg either, af full force here too, lol.