Monday, December 5, 2011

brief update

She's calling me in some Lexapro.
I'm really nervous about this affecting Charlotte, but she says it's safe.

Prayers for it to work for me and NOT to affect Charlotte, please.


A and W mom said...

You got 'em!!

Hilary said...

My sister took Lexapro after she had her daughter for PPD. She also nursed her daughter. I saw no ill effects on her daughter at all. Also my sister waited way to long to get help and this helped her out immensly! I hope you are able to find some peace.

You have my prayers.

ggop said...

I missed your posts and have to! Take care of yourself Trish. Whatever it takes to get you in a positive frame of mind. Its a marathon not a sprint.

lilyvalley said...

That will work nicely, I promise!!!

Anonymous said...

I also take lexapro and my doctor said to absoluelty do not take it when i become pregnant. There are serious side affects; birth defects to taking lexapro while pregnant. I just wanted to let u know so you and your baby will be healthy and safe.