Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, he gained 5 grams last night. Not exactly the 30 they want but at this point, upward is good.

He's still having loose stools since we switched from the NJ to the NG but they're a little better than they were, so who knows.

They added a wedged under his isolette (which was already head elevated, of course) hoping that would help with his spitting up and so far, it seems to have. Keep your fingers crossed.

His breathing is still pretty good.

He's 34 weeks gestation today. This was the point they'd have taken him if my body could have held out. What a difference 7 1/2 weeks could have made.

But we play the hand we were dealt.

We kangarooed last night facing a different direction. Instead of facing away from everyone, we were facing towards them. Several nurses came by to coo over him and everyone kept saying "He looks so good!"

He really does look pink and healthy and adorable. If he could just GROW.

In any case, I'm feeling a bit better. I pretty much didn't eat yesterday. I had an activia yogurt in the afternoon. We'll try a little bit more food today and see how it goes.

I appreciate everyone's insights into my side/back/whatever pain. At this point, I'm willing to try almost anything. I spent most of the day yesterday in some amount of pain. I swear, sometimes I can feel something in there spasming. Not a muscle- something deeper. I don't know. It's a strange feeling. All I know is something freakin' hurts.

It seems better today, but again.. we'll see what happens with some food. Wish me luck.

My pup is back home, by the way. The vet was actually crying when she told me about his stuff. To be fair, we had also just discussed Robbie and I think I overwhelmed her, but yeah. She cried. She said the smaller mass on the right came out cleanly and looked good. But the large mass on the left is deep. She got what she could get, but it goes down between two teeth. And she said that the texture of it doesn't look good. We won't know for sure until the biospy results come back (about a week) but she's fairly convinced it's cancer.

He seems okay. He was a little subdued yesterday. He's probably sore. He has some pain meds which also probably just make him a little out of it. But otherwise, he seems okay. Think some good thoughts for him, too.



Amy said...

Aww, I'm glad Robbie's looking pink and healthy. :) I pray he starts growing like a weed and is able to digest and breathe well!! Sorry about Kenzie. :( Still hoping it turns out to be benign.

Heather said...

Glad to hear Robbie is doing well. He's in my prayers to grow and continue to get well. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

What about a dairy allergy? Would a soy type of formula be easier for him to digest? Just a thought.

Thoughts and prayers for all of the family - 2 legged and 4!


tryingin2007 said...

you poor thing. you are dealing with so much right now and it upsets me. I'm glad to hear that robbie is on the up and up. grow little boy, grow! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I'm so glad to hear everyone's comments about Robbie looking so good. He is indeed looking very healthy pink and alert.


Spork Fashion said...

hugs to Kenz! I may have mentioned this before, but if it does end up being cancerous, don't be afraid of chemo for him. My dog had cancer (she was in the advanced stages by the time we caught it). We put her on chemo (in pill form) and it really helped her. Dogs don't have the same negative side effects to chemo that humans do. She was able to eat and walk around and go to the bathroom outside. It's all about quality of life with me, you know that, and the chemo gave her that.

Robbie is a trooper, Kenzie needs to take a lesson from him! LOL. No child should be without a dog - and he hasn't even met him yet!

heather said...

have they given him pepcid or prevacid for his reflux? If they haven't ask them WHY.

Aidan's mom said...

Ugh. I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this at once.

Glad to hear Robbie gained a few grams. At least it's progress. :-)