Monday, July 21, 2008


Well, the day was about the same as yesterday.
Breathing is still good. Pooping is still, well, if you'll pardon the pun, shitty.

He did manage to gain a robust 5 grams tonight. Not exactly the 30 they like to see, but it's in the right direction, at least.

I'm still very worried about the digestive issues. It just seems like things aren't getting better. And no one can answer how we'll know if the bacterial infection is better etc.

When I got in today, they asked me to start pumping a little bit different. I'm to pump for 10 minutes, then change bottles and finish. They want to seperate my foremilk from my hindmilk. Hindmilk has more fat. They want to collect some of that and feed it to him for a few days and see if that will help him gain some weight. I'm not going to lie and say it's not a little frustrating, but anything that will help.

We only kangarooed for about an hour and a half but only because I had to pee so bad I was literally afraid I was going to pee in the chair. I swear I peed before we started, but it would not be denied. I was so upset with my bladder for cutting my holding short.

He was on the cannula for 3 hours today.. while we kangarooed and a little padding before and after. His nurse tried to talk the NP into letting him go longer, but they don't want him to have to work any harder to breathe than absolutely necessary because it burns too many calories.

So we're back to the vicious circle. If he'd gain more weight, he'd breathe easier, and if he could breathe easier, he'd gain more weight.

Som girlfriends came up for "girls night out---at the hospital." It was no Melting Pot, but the company was good. And they brought meals & treats, too! It's a good thing we bought that deep freeze for breast milk because there was so much food I couldn't fit it all in the fridge & regular freezer. I'm blessed by friedship.

Speaking of blessings, one of the people I was friendly with in the NICU got to go home yesterday. Their daughter was born at 33w with a heart arythmia. She had to go home on .1 liters of oxygen, but is otherwise in great shape. My heart soared to hear the news.

In any case, it was an overall decent weekend. We still really need prayers (and we may have to graduate from goats to llamas) for healthy digestion and weight gain, but breathing is going fairly well. That's something, at least.

I'll try to get pictures uploaded & posted soon. I had intended to do it today but ended up hanging out at the hospital a lot later than I'd intended and I need to get some sleep. Working day shift this week.



Mrs. Spit said...

Right. Llama's. Going to get some now.

Get rid of the goats. Cue the llama's. . . .

No problem.

RM said...

Here from L&F. Hope your sweet Robbie improves with leaps and bounds. :)

Michell said...

My thoughts are with you and your husband and Robbie that things continue to move along. And even though the NICU rollercoaster seems to last forever I hope it will soon be a memory and you'll have Robbie home with you.

Amy said...

Yay for the good news, praying for his digestive issues!

Two Hands said...

How about moose? Surely moose would do the trick?
Thinking about you and your darling son often. Come on, GI tract, time to get in the game!