Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Updates & pictures

They pulled his NJ tube and put an NG tube. He's desatting more but still on room air. He's spit up several times.

The doc says at this point he's willing to do anything to get him to gain wait- up to and including putting him back on the vent. He was clear that we're nowhere near that point, but it is on the table. He needs to gain weight. Period.

And he lost 30 grams tonight. I cried.

His stools were a little better today. One was actually almost normal in the morning, but they got a little worse again in the evening, though still better than they were.

Tomorrow they're going to add some fortifier again and see what happens.

Please pray.

My pup had his surgery today. When she called afterward she said he did well in surgery but didn't sound very positive. She said she got as much of the tumors as possible without getting too invasive. It left me with the distinct impression that they were invasive, so she couldn't get them all. We should have lab results in a week.

I saw my PCP today about my whatever-the-hell-hurts-in-my-side. She thinks it could be the start of an ulcer, maybe gastritis. Could even be just plain ol' lot of stomach acid tearing my gut up. She blames stress. YA THINK?
Anyway, she said it was possible that I could have a stone in a duct they can't see on the ultrasound but usually when that happens, my liver panel would be off and it was fine, so while it's POSSIBLE, it's not likely.

She gave me a bunch of samples of prevacid & told me to take 2/day for the next few weeks, keep a lighter diet and if I'm still having attacks in 3 weeks, come back and she'll likely send me for some sort of fancy scan of my liver etc. A HIDA scan or something? I'm not sure. I'm a bit sore today but NOTHING like last night. It seriously hurt at least twice as bad as my C section incision ever did. If I hurt this bad w/o stones, I don't know how people who have stones live. Holy crap, it HURT.

Anyway, enough of my whining.


A look through my porthole:

Mommy and Me:

Yeah. I'm pretty stinkin' cute.

Hands...touching hands... reaching out...

I can wear clothes now!


Amy said...

HE IS SO CUTE!!!!! And wow, yay for wearing clothes! How cool is that! How come he gets to wear clothes now--what made the difference?

Still praying for your whole family and your ailments. You look gorgeous, btw. And have you posted the pic of you getting to hold Robbie "like a baby"? I'd love to see that one.

Amy said...

So I'm thinking he has Daddy's eyes, and Mommy's nose and mouth. What do you think?

Jess said...

He's so beautiful Trish and you look glowing and like all is right with the world when you hold your son. I'm always praying for him to grow stronger and healthier. I pray that your ailments will go away so that you can focus on what matters most.

Mrs. Spit said...

Very handsome little man!

Still praying. Every day. Looking into the moose . . . .

brandy (spiffyone) said...

Another Sticky checking in on you. I pray for your little family often. your little Robbie is adorable!!

I hope your tummy issues get better soon and i will keep you all in my prayers
Brandy (spiffyone)

Nexus said...


Love the hands photo.

Stacie said...

I hope that going back to the NG tube will make a world of difference. Much love to you, Trish.

Hope you are feeling better soon, too.

Heather said...

So cute in his clothes!!!! You are all in my prayers.

Me said...

I have a couple of friends who have colitis type issues and they all get pain in their sides when they start to get "backed up". Just trying to be helpful.

Your little man looks darling!

Jody said...

He is so adorable! What a big boy he is getting to be. He reminds me of my girls now, when they were born. I guess they are similar sizes.

I am pulling hard for him and for you.

Jamie said...

He looks so cute and healthy (really!).

My son wasn't premature but had some similar sounding (although probably less extreme) stomach issues. Have they looked into a dairy allergy? Cutting dairy from my diet made all the difference for him. Then again you have all the doctors in the world watching Robbie so I am sure they would have caught that already.

e.b. said...

He's beautiful Trish!