Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good stuff

Well, he gained another 40 grams last night. They do think he's retaining a little bit of water, but he's not super puffy or anything. His weight gain is real.

He did have another brady- of course just as I was walking out the door. We'd done his midnight cares, I got him settled in and was sleeping soundly. I stepped around the corner just getting some bottles and the alarm went off. I told him that was a very bad way to say goodnight. I asked when they thought he might actually outgrow that and they couldn't really answer. He'll be 35w tomorrow. She says he's still little and it's not unexpected.

They upped his cannula time again. He's on 8 hours of cannula and 4 hours of CPAP. Not sure if that will change today or not, they haven't rounded yet.

The BIG news of last night was that they were going to start trying to feed him today. I asked to be there and they said they'd call me and try to work it out. But when I called to check on him this morning, the OT was already there and had given him a drop of milk already. Not in a bottle, but on his lips. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not really, really, really disappointed that I didn't get to be there for it. But he did well, so I'm trying to count that blessing. She said he did quite well, actually. She doesn't want to try nippling because he's still on a high liter flow (a lot of air) and it would likely be hard for him to swallow much with all that air coming in. But that he definitely is developmentally where they like to see for nippling.

She gave me a few things to work on. She wants me to try to get him down around my nipple when we kangaroo. He's been rooting a lot, so he'll probably enjoy that. I'm a little nervous. Good nervous, though. This will definitely be new.

In other good news, my DOG DOES NOT HAVE CANCER! Now, she said that technically it could probably fall under the category of cancer, but the 2 kinds that he has (each tumor was a different type) have NEVER been known to metastise. The smaller one was a type that isn't even known to recur, so it's good. The larger one could grow, but she said that the mitotic rate (the rate at which is grows) was "low." So we are to keep an eye on the area. She'd like to check it every 3 months. Since we're frequent fliers at the vet, basically, any time we're in, they're going to take a picture of it and just make sure it's not changing. If it were to regrow, they'll go ahead and do another surgery. He'd probably have to have at least one tooth pulled to get the whole thing out, but we'd do it if we needed.


Now we need to get to my husband's scope on the 22nd and if that is all clear, we'll have seemingly escaped the worst of our curse.

Keep the moose coming!



Mrs. Spit said...

Hooray all round. What a great news day!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry they didn't connect with you about being there!

Good luck tonight with the nipple stuff. How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it.


Dawn said...

I am glad to hear he keeps gaining weight! Thats great news.

Jess said...

This is all great news!!!

You know, there are a lot of Moose in Maine...

Spork Fashion said...

What a great post! The news just kept getting better! Grow Robbie Grow! And YAY for Kenz! I gasped with such happiness that Keegan looked at me like i was choking LOL

Jenn said...

What wonderful news! That sucks that they didn't call you, but at least it went well! I am SO glad to hear that Kenzie doesn't have cancer!

Amy said...

YAY!! :)

Malloryn said...

Excellent news!