Sunday, July 6, 2008

Drive by update

As of 7:15 am, he's off the vent and on high humidity.

Prayers, fingers crossing, good thoughts etc.

I hope we don't run out of goats.



silvashan said...

Yeah! Fingers crossed and prayers sent your way!

Mrs. Spit said...

There's an entire herd in the backyard, and that bonfire is good and hot. I'll keep pitching them on.
(thereby being unable to use any of their hair for knitting)

Do you see how loved you are?

Stacie said...

WhooHoo! Keeping everything crossed that this is it...go, Robbie, go!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed, eyes crossed.

I will keep little Robbie in my thoughts more than ever!


Just Me. said...


Robbie has been in my prayers since I started reading your blog.


AngelsAmid said...

lots and lots of prayers and fingers crossed!