Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Afternoon update

Okay.. well, small setback today, but just a small one.

Turns out my little Tater Pie had a PDA after all. They said it was mild to maybe moderate but it hadn't affected him at all. I guess it normally would affect his blood pressure and oxygen stats and neither had been, which is why they didn't think he had one.
The treatment is actually three rounds of Motrin, which has already started. They said his little flap must have been mostly closed for it to be not affecting him. overall, it is extremly mild in the realm of setbacks.

David and I were present for rounds today. I rather enjoyed that. Not that I knew half of what they were talking about, but I picked up a little stuff here and there and still really enjoyed hearing the extraordinarily detailed way they went through every little details. Things like glucose & lipid levels, oxygen, blood gasses, liquids etc.

The doctor doing rounds today was actually the doctor present when I delivered Robbie. I have almost no recollection of him. The drugs I was on were GOOD. (Well, really, they sucked, but by "Good" I mean, STRONG.) He came right up and talked like I knew him and I had to admit that I had a fairly hazy recollection of a man in blue bringing Robbie to me to kiss him on the head. Turns out- that was him.

Anyway, the woman rounding with the doctor also had Pre-E with her 2 kids years and years ago. She was talking to me about what landed me in the hospital etc. It was nice. It's really nice seeing the people involved in Robbie's care not only really do care, but really GET IT.

In any case, they discussed every minute detail of his care. I found it all fascinating. The biggest things were that they were going to try to mess with his oxygen a bit, change him to a different type of IV system and get him stabalized... and then......... it'll be time to hold him!

Of course, I was a huge mix of emotion when he said that. Holding him is a big part of his therapy. They do so much better when they get that stimulation. And of course, I want to hold my baby! I'm nervous about it, though. He's still so fragile and tiny.. But I'm sure I'll manage.

Anyway, we took a few more pictures this morning. The wifi here at the hospital is really finicky about uploads, but I'll try to upload them later and share.



S said...

I'm so glad to see that Robbie is doing great!!!

Milo said...

Oh my gosh, Trish, I can't WAIT for you to hold him!!!! I know you're kinda nervous, but as soon as you get him in your arms that will fade. He's going to do so great! That will really help him out so much.

Yay!!! Snuggle him as much as you can! Once they get big they don't like to snuggle so much. I guess that's a good thing about him making his debut early....more time to snuggle up with you. :-)

Erin Fae said...

Thanks so much for these updates. I am thinking of you, yoru DH and Robbie all the time. I can't wait to hear about holding your little guy for the first time!!


Amy said...

AHHH you get to hold him soon!!! I'm so excited!!

Anonymous said...

Whooohoo!! I can't wait for you to be able to hold him..let him know you're there for him.

Awwww......go Robbie!


HazelMay said...

OMG I can't believe you get to hold him so soon!!! That is freaking awesome, Tricia!!! I am so happy for you.

You guys continue to be in our prayers. :-*

Ariella said...

I can't belive in just a few days you will get to hold him! That is HUGE news!

I am sorry to hear about the PDA but it is very common and most of the time resolves with just the meds.

I can't wait to read more next time you post and I am super excited about pictures!

Jess said...

::big smile::

I can't wait for you to be able to hold him!! That will be so good for the both of you. I love all the updates, you keep being a PW!

feistync said...

oh wow - sux about the pda thing, but sounds like he is doing great so YAY!

Danielle said...

GO Robbie!

I'm glad you're loving the docs/nurses.

And I'm super psyched you'll get to hold him soon!

Love you!

Stephanie said...

OH MY GOD!! I can't wait until you get to hold him ::HUGS::

Tracy said...

I'm glad the blood vessel staying open was just a mild case. And the treatment isn't too bad at all. That's a relief.

I hope they get Robbie stablized so you can hold and hug on him soon! What a tender moment that will be. :)