Wednesday, June 4, 2008

If you post it, they will come.

Hmm.. apparently I just needed to post that my doctor hadn't come by yet so that she would.

No sooner than I hit send on the last post, my doctor's partner made it for rounds.

The good news: I DO get my staples out today. WOOHOO.

The bad news: My BP blows.

She hasn't decided if I'm going home today or not. She is asking that they take my BP ever few hours for the rest of the day and then she'll decide tonight. If it's as high as it was this morning- I'm in for another night.

now, it really wouldn't break my heart to be close to Robbie for another night. But if that's the case, someone is REALLY going to have to go get me some clean clothes. David literally washed my t-shirt out in the sink last night so I would wear it again today.

I'm not a vain person, but really.. I need some clean clothes and such. The hubby is just going to have to do some driving tonight.. that's all there is to it.


Amy said...

Hmm, mixed news, eh? Hope your BP goes down quickly!

Tracy said...

I'm glad you're getting your staples out at least. Hopefully your blood pressure comes back down soon. Come on BP meds, do something productive!

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this morning. Sorry the SSI lady was a moron. That's awful. You'd think "Is your baby still in the hospital?" would be a standard question if they really can't think it through on their own based on weight.

Try to rest when you can, sweetie. I know you're extremely busy but Robbie needs a healthy momma.

Cheryl said...

That sucks that your bp is still up, but I would have to agree with you that getting to stay closer to your baby isn't the worst news ever. I can bring you some clothes, what do you need?

Meant To Be Wed said...

Trish - I wish I could help you out!!! I just got my staples out this afternoon, too. NICE! My incision is pretty large...they didn't tell me what was underneath. But I'm glad you're coming around. Still praying for little Robbie. What a fighter you have on your hands!!! :)

Stacy (MeantToBeWed)

Meghan said...

Hope your BP goes back down quickly!! (and you get some clean clothes)

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