Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy day

This has been a busy day.

Yesterday I called the doctor to say that yes, my head is still numb. (Not my whole head, but the section of it that was still is.)

They tell me to come today at 9:15. Now, I didn't REALLY think this was necessary because we've established this is a normal side effect of the BP med that I was on, but they tell me to come, I come. Good thing I really like my doctor.

So, I go in. She asked if my head was still numb. Yes- but I explain about the Labetilol. She shakes her head. She doesn't like that explanation. She says "You're not ON the med anymore." Hmmph. Not the answer I was expecting. So she says if I'm still numb in another week I'm to call and she'll have it in my chart for them to send me for a CT scan.

The idea of a look at my brain is both fascinating & terrifying. Like.. maybe I don't want to know. Not my usual style, but these days.. well.. maybe denial has its place.

Anyway, then I mention that I've had some pain in my left leg. I'm pretty sure it's just a sore muscle. She is not amused. Now, I have a tendency to hypochondria anyway. But usually I just don't mention my paranoia and it's fine. But I really think I'm suffering a bit of PTSD and I think it's heightened it. So I really expected her to poke at my leg and declare me fine. No swelling or anything.

She asked me how long it had hurt. "About a week."
She said "And you're just NOW mentioning it?" She shakes her head like I must be insane.

Hmm. Okay.

She gets some papers and says I should have an u/s right away. Probably tomorrow.

Okee dokee. Sure glad I have health insurance.

So I leave and head to the hospital to see Robbie. Before I can get there (and it's a short drive) the heart place calls to set up my u/s. They wanted to see me today. 3:10.

Uh. Okay.

I get the hospital and meet a friend who had some things to give me. (Thanks Alyssa! She was getting rid of some mostly-unused baby items and gave me a chance at them before she donated them. I'm all about free stuff!) She came up to see Robbie.

Robbie was having a good morning. His O2 needs were down to 35% (from 60% yesterday) and he was sleeping quite well. He did freak me out a little with a heart rate that kept dropping a little bit (not enough to qualify as a Brady, but enough so I noticed) but he was doing well.

After seeing my friend off and dumping another load of boob juice, I was able to Kangaroo him for an hour and a half. God I love that kid. He did well- no extubation and his heart & O2 were fantastic.

He was having some PGA (where he doesn't digest all of his feedings) but as of this evening, he'd had a glycerin enema (they said he was poopy at each changing, but just a little. Apparently he had a LOT more in there) and since then has been digesting better.

Anyway, much to my chagrin, I had to put him back to bed and head to my u/s.

Of course, the U/S couldn't have been at Robbie's hospital, so I had to drive across town again.

I do not have a blood clot.

I do, however, have u/s lube in my underwear. Seriously, they check it from groin to ankle. I peed before I left the office and literally and literally had to clean the lube from my underwear. And that is not NEARLY as fun or dirty as it sounds.

From there, I headed home. It hurt me to head east (home) instead of west (hospital.) But we needed some groceries. The cats were a day from being starving. And they outnumber us.

The hubby was going to visit Robbie after work, so I sucked it up and went home.

I've now managed to stock the fridge, pick up the house and do some laundry. Call me wonder woman.

It's weird how strange it feels to do "chores" now. who gives a shit about rust stained sinks when my son is in the hospital? But they have progressed to a state that I can't ignore for long. I'll get to those later.

What a weird normal this is.



Osh said...

weird normal is right.
I have your membership card all ready to send you for admission to my club...m'kay?

Alyse said...

You are superwoman in my eyes

Lauren said...

Glad to hear that it wasn't a blood clot. You really are wonder woman!

Heather said...

My new favorite saying is "Normal is just a setting on the dryer".

Glad to hear you don't have a blood clot and that Robbie is doing well.

Anonymous said...

It can take up to three to four weeks for the bp meds to completely leave your system. So it might just be a little while before you see any side affects go away.

Also, muscle pain after PE is normal. Your body has been through hell and back. I had really sore arms for like six months after, hang in there.

Glad to hear that Robbie is still doing well! He's such a little fighter!

Ariella said...

I am glad you are doing okay and it wasn't a blood clot. Side effects from drugs can take a while to go down. My mom had numbness from a drug and it took almost two weeks to get rid of the side effect after stoping the drug. I am sure yours will go away soon too.

Anonymous said...

((hugs)) from Ginger!