Saturday, June 7, 2008

Set back

Called Robbie's night nurse for my usual morning report.

She said that he was doing okay but that after we left last night she started him on antibiotics. He got really cold while David was holding him. She said she got his temp back up quickly, but then his blood sugar was high. I guess those are signs of infection.
She got a CBC and it showed the start of something so he's now on 2 antibiotics.

I started crying right away. They warned me that he would likely have 2 or 3 infections during his stay in the NICU- he's just so small and his immune system isn't developed. But damn it, he's only been here a week. I really hoped this wouldn't happen for a while.

She repeated the CBC to see how he's doing and said we'd need to talk to the nurse when we got in about getting him out. I, obviously want him to be healthy. They're very big on the Kangaroo time being good for his development, so it's this debate about what is better for him. Obviously we can wait on holding him for ourselves.

The only thing I can think to do is not to hold him, but spend a lot of time with my hands on him in his isolette. Hopefully it's the healing power of touch that can do a little something similar to Kangaroo time until he can bulk up a bit and maintain his temp a bit better.

I just hate thinking that it was us holding him that made him sick.

I really want to drive up there to see him right now. I hate that he's so far away.

Please pray that this infection was caught early and is easily cured. Being sick is really bad for him. When he doesn't feel well his body will use calories to help fight infection so it's not just the being sick that is bad.. it also can affect his weight gain.. which in turn makes him more likely to be sick.

Speaking of weight- she did officially put him at 1lb 8oz this morning, so he is up a bit. But he still needs much more.



Anonymous said...

Sorry about the infection...hope he kicks it quick! And yay for the weight gain and no bleeds! What a champ little tater is turning out to be.

- dr. girlfriend

Gena & Josh said...

I've been thinking and praying for Robbie. He's a fighter, and will remain strong. Hang in there!! {{hugs}}

Tracy said...

I pray Robbie whips this infection soon so he can get back to important business of gaining weight and strength.
Try not to beat yourself up about the infection and kangaroo care. You and David are doing the best you can for him.

Osh said...

I'm holding your hand

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just happened upon your blog from another blog. You are doing a great job and doing all you can for Robbie. I am a NICU nurse and one of the sentences in the post just made me think. The kangaroo care is great for him and it has nothing to do with the infection that he has right now. Kangaroo care is always a great thing to do. I can tell you are going to do a great job.

S said...

Prayers for Robbie. Great news about no bleeds in his brain..I know you guys are thrilled!!

Amy said...

Praying for him! I like what the NICU nurse said in her comment. :)